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SEC Regulation Crowdfunding Rule states Annual income or net worth less than $107,000 can fund up to $2,200.00 a year - this is (Rule 100(a)(2)(i)).


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With the Paypal link provided, documents and makes your Promissory Note (payment) binding. Once the $125,000.00 has been collected / minus the Paypal transaction fee, ordering will begin & the profit sharing agreement will be honored!

Any Fraudulent activities noticed, Follow Rules We All Adhere To Link to the right and please Report to: U.S. SEC (UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION)

SEC Regulation Crowdfunding Rule100(a)(1)) is $1,070,000 .00

Annual income or net worth less than $107,000 can fund up to $2,200.00 a year - this is (Rule 100(a)(2)(i)).

Annual income or net worth more than $107,000 can fund up to $107,000.00 a year - this is (Rule 100(a)(2)(ii)).

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Reason Being

Air Fryer Basket Crowdfunding Goal $125,000.00

Air Fryer Basket Crowdfunding PAYOUT: $12,500,000.00

There is room for 6,250 Crowd funders.

The PayPal button will stop excepting once, the $125,000.00-funding goal is accomplished!


PLEASE FINISH READING this page & learn,

as 1 of the true meanings of a GROUND FLOOR Crowdfunding OPPORTUNITY.

$20.00 earns $100.00

$125,000.00 is the Crowdfunding Goal!

Total Crowdfunding Return for Crowd funders is $12,500,000.00

There is a 3 - 4 month Grace Period, Air Fryer Basket mfg. and shipping!

What took so long, since 2016?

After various tests of the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker discovery happened.

After various tests of the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker. Discovery happened; after Air Frying @ High Temps and left in the Air Fryer unattended, the thickness of the Air Fryer Basket Fryer Box Metal Pole Frame retains an excessive amount of heat and will deform the Air Fryer.

Now a thinner and lighter metal pole design, will not retain "Air Fryer" deforming heat and "other designs" as well. Like, smaller Air Fryers Baskets for smaller Air Fryer's and future business to business applications as well.

*Other Designs* All based on the Original Air Fryer Basket Fryer Box!

The math on one of the various Air fryers Out There Today:

FACTS - Philips Air Fryer was at around 5 million sold already before the beginning of the Christmas Season 2016!

1% of 5 million equals 50,000 units, 50,000 x $24.99 = $1,200,000.00!

*When pursuing a viable ground floor crowdfunding opportunity, crowd funders should remember, funding in a start-up to enter the market is like any gambling format - examples: Casino, Horse Racing, Wall Street, Entrepreneurial-ism*


1% of 5 million equals 50,000 units, 50,000 x $24.99 = $1,200,000.00!

Business plan

This domain comes equipped with a marketing and advertising schedule.

With this is said and done, the only interest of the Crowd funder(s) is that of a surrogate, so to speak. Crowdfunding project is due to yield a certain amount of profit for Crowd funders!

This domain comes equipped with a business plan, marketing and advertising schedule, with room for expansion in other markets as well.


*Other Designs* All based on the Original Air Fryer Basket Fryer Box!



This is an example of how some companies are diversifying their goods & services to reach a greater market share!

All Products are property of said companies and registered trademarks; patents; copyrights and trade secrets of said products are not representing each other and are not associated with each other unless stated by owners.


English muffins to sandwich size

The Large Philips Air Fryer Basket makes 7 cups of popcorn!

The going rate for a Rapid Air Technology device is around 3 - 4 payments of $29.99 give or take $5.00! So to keep in step with this trend, the Air Fryer Basket™ price is $19.99 - $24.99, maybe less!

The inventor has already worked out the supply chain kinks and the supply chain now only needs lubricating "Crowdfunding"!


The inventor wanted to pop popcorn in the Philips Air fryer and in the beginning (see video) utilized vegetable mesh strainers to achieve the goal!


At one point, just to see: even a tea ball strainer was tested.

Manufacturer Representative Nancy found that amusing and on a business note, she manufactures those as well.

Tea Ball Strainer side note: The circumference of the tea ball strainer is equal from all surface areas. Meaning there is a 3.5-inch height maximum, which means the area inside the ball would barely produce 2 – 2.5 cups of popcorn if that.

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