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Press Release Date: March 2021

More than Merely Popcorn: LIONELL Launches the Air Fryer Basket

From Popcorn to Broiling, Frying and Seasoning; the Air Fryer Basket is the Next Culinary Must-Have

(U S A & Territories) - Every now and again, innovators and inventors play a pivotal role in defining modern industries, and LIONELL is no exception. The creative mind behind dozens of upcoming discoveries and business ventures, LIONELL’s latest innovation is sure to redefine the modern culinary experience, in addition to culinary arts schooling techniques. Introducing the Air Fryer Basket, a unique frying basket that acts as an air fryer, fryer, broiler, and popcorn maker all packaged into one sleek design. What began as the mission for the perfect popcorn popper, became an innovation that can impact the restaurant industry, home cooking industry, movie industry, and everything in between.

After various tests of the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker, the discovery happened. Upon placing the basket in both oil and water at extremely high temperatures, LIONELL discovered that this unique mesh design, originally intended to keep popcorn kernels from falling through the cracks, would retain the integrity of its structure in various environments.

LIONELL’s happy accident resulted in elation for his discovery, thus completely reframing his invention. As tests continued, the confidence in this new design grew greater by the minute. The Air Fryer Basket’s capabilities are endless; and due to its convenient and compact design, offers inclusion in any household, kitchen, or cafeteria.

“When I bought the Phillips Air Fryer, the infomercial had me. I’m not a practitioner of microwaves, because nutrients are lost during the heating process. The Air Fryer has none of the uncomfortable thoughts in regard to nutrition (vitamins lost during the heating) loss. As the use of the Air Fryer proliferated, a thought – about what I cannot do. Pop, popcorn and today I keep in mind, when a person has a thought, so many others are thinking the same – who will get it to others so “we” all can enjoy and not think, “if only”.” -


New inventions breed new opportunities. As the third round of stimulus checks hit bank accounts in the coming weeks, eager investors and partners are encouraged to seek diverse investment opportunities with LIONELL and the Air Fryer Basket.

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About LIONELL and Air Fryer Basket

LIONELL is A.W.I.S.E, artist, writer, inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur based in New York City. The mastermind of multiple passion-driven projects, LIONELL seeks to create meaningful change in the modern world through creativity, innovation, and motivation. Envisioned back in 2016, the idea for the Air Fryer Basket came to LIONELL while testing the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker, the original idea in mind. The mesh lining of the popcorn maker was originally designed to prevent kernels from slipping through the cracks, but soon LIONELL discovered that this innovative design opened up a world of opportunity for the modern culinary world. Fast forward to 2021, LIONELL is seeking purpose-driven partners to partake in a once-of-a-lifetime opportunity in taking this vision to fruition.



For more information or press inquiries, please contact LIONELL at AND 347-456-6838