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Air Fryer Basket

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Examples of why some Companies would vie for a licensing agreement with the Air Fryer Basket™: Mazola is looking to expand their brand name and market share with the corn kernel industry, offering a different grade of popcorn kernels (maybe Gourmet).

As a fryer net of food when the recipe calls for deep frying:

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC Theaters) and others of the movie chain genre could sell the Air Fryer Basket™ at the Concession stands or as a giveaway. Either or it promotes the Brand name and opens doors in the grocery popcorn shelf market for popcorn specific branding!

Manufacturers of popcorn already like The American Pop Corn Company; Jolly Time might offer the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker™ as a purchasable item on their packaging.

Red Lobsters’ Parent organization: Golden Gate Capital could now be thinking of using the Air Fryer Basket™ net as a boiler or oil fryer basket or for Air Frying crust and batter seasoning to seafood. Red Lobster is now making residual income from everything, The Red Lobster Seasoning Division could offer a Multi-level entrepreneurship division from the addition of the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker™ net.

  1. Red Lobster Introduces a new line of Seafood Seasonings
  2. Red Lobster makes the Red Lobster Air Fryer Basket™ net available at their outlets
  3. Red Lobster Air Fryer Net is the new licensed agreement name and is given or sold by the Red Lobster Outlets
  4. Why "Net"? This is how people in the fishery industry collect seafood, as well as cages.
  5. They now have Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Seasoning and to get things started the Red Lobster Air Fryer Net comes with a boiling water season sampler, not to forget the Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Crust and Batter Seasoning sampler packs as well.
  6. The Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Promotional Seasoning sets up a coup, so people can buy individual Red Lobster Air Fryer Net Seasoning later.
  7. Visual Arts and Performance directors and managers of plays, films and any other sorts of promotions that utilizes the Air Fryer Basket™ in their skit – script!

The mesh lining for this air fryer basket sole objective is to not let popcorn kernels slip through the holes, however it does way more than just function as an Air Fryer Basket™! Even though the Air Fryer Basket was invented to pop popcorn, like many inventions and scientific discoveries, other uses begot themselves from the attempts of thought.

While we waited for the Air Fryer Basket to get to the states, the manufacturer representative “Nancy” mentioned: "It could oil fry food as well"!


  • * Pots Filled with Oil or Water *
  • * A removable basket for Air Fryers *
  • * Misc. Garlic Dryer, etc. when not in use*
  • as well as the obvious* Popping Popcorn *
Reference: Raw meats and seafood’s. People will be able to cook using the Air Fryer Popcorn Maker Basket!

*NOTICE* reserves the right to refuse any Crowd funder!


Here's a basic rundown of what's happening! Ground Floor Opportunity Crowdfunding!

There is a 2 - 3 month grace period for the manufacturing & shipping of the Air Fryer Basket™. While the Air Fryer Basket™ order is being manufactured, this site will be upgraded to handle e-commerce, 30 second mini infomercials will also be made to better highlight the various uses of the Air Fryer Basket™ & a marketing firm will be procured for the everyday operation of “”. 4th month Crowd-funding Profit Sharing Should Begin!

FOR KNOWLEDGE SAKE / About Funding Utilizing Crowdfunding

Writers of the SEC Regulation Crowdfunding Rule, *simply says the maximum aggregate amount an issuer can sell under Regulation Crowdfunding in a 12-month period (Rule 100(a)(1)) is $1,070,000.00. *Simply says the maximum aggregate amount an issuer means (roughly): an idea may collect or raise up to $1,070,000 .00 a year or 12-month period (Rule 100(a)(1)).

Promissory Notes can be utilized like "Securities", a SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) lawyer said, during a phone call on the 27th of July 2017 10:21 am (E.S.T.).

IOU. is another way to think of a Promissory Note.

Annual income or net worth: If less than $107,000, can fund up to $2,200.00 a year - this is (Rule 100(a)(2)(i)).

Annual income or net worth more than $107,000 can fund up to $107,000 a year - this is (Rule 100(a)(2)(ii)).

Inventor, seeking Crowd funders / Business venture name “” use to be “”. It takes 2 - 3 months for manufacturing & shipping.

While manufacturing happens

  • this site will be upgraded to handle e-commerce
  • this site will be upgraded to host live demonstrations(this will entertain; plus help sales team)
  • produce 30 second mini infomercials to better highlight the various uses of the Air Fryer Basket™
  • advertising / marketing team will be procured for the everyday operation of ""
  • as well as a sales team for expansion.

Factoid: The Philips Air Fryer was at around 5 million sold already before the beginning of the Christmas Season 2016! 1% of 5 million equals 50,000 units, 50,000 x $24.99 = $1,200,000.00!

  • This Leaflet Sponsored by Air Fryer Basket™
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  • Air Fryer Basket Crowdfunding payout $12,500,000.00

Reason Being: There is room for 6,250 Crowd funders - $20.00 earns $100.00 - $125,000.00 is the Crowdfunding Goal! Total Crowdfunding Return for Crowd funders is $12,500,000.00

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